2017 GSA Officers





1.   President: Doris Chen
PhD candidate, Advisor: Dr. Paul Takhistov
Room 401, Food Science Building
Email: dorischen1017@gmail.com

Hi! My name is Doris Chen and I am a third year PhD student in Dr. Takhistov's lab. My research focuses on food 3D printing and how mechanical parameters of printing instruments and materials properties of food interact with each other and contribute to food printing applicability. GSA has brought me many unforgettable experience and help me stay connected with the community and the industry. As president, I want to raise the brand of the food science GSA on in the industry, encourage increased participation in the organization by our graduate students and build stronger connections between alumni and students. Please feel free to come talk to me if you have any questions or suggestions about GSA and GSA events.

2.  Vice President: Regina O’Brien
PhD candidate, Advisor:Dr. Beverly J. Tepper
Room 211, Food Science Building
Email: rmo51@scarletmail.rutgers.edu


Hi everyone! My name is Regina O’Brien and I am a PhD student in Dr. Tepper’s lab.  My undergraduate degree is in Psychobiology. My past research involved sensory testing with women and children, which led me to Food Science. My research goals are to understand how psychological and physiological differences contribute to food choice and preference. My current research includes sensory evaluation of leafy green vegetables. In my free time I like to golf and play ukulele.
I have been actively involved in GSA over the past year – it’s a great way to relax and get to know other graduate students in the department. This year, I would like to organize more volunteering events to help our community. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about GSA. I am very excited to be your Vice President and I am looking forward to a great year!

3.  Treasurer: Ting Zheng
PhD candidate, Advisor: Dr. Qingrong Huang
Room 222, Food Science Building
Email: tz150@scarletmail.rutgers.edu


Hi! I am Tiffany (Ting Zheng) and I am a first year PhD student in Dr. Huang’s lab. Currently, my research focuses on the development of different delivery system for phytochemicals to improve their bioavailability and to investigate their bioconversion in the human GI tract. As an international student, my life outside of lab has been enriched with GSA activities such as socializing with professionals from the industry, community volunteering and educational events, I benefited a lot and I believe these GSA activities are also beneficial for news students, especially for international students with different culture backgrounds. Being a part of GSA and serve as a treasurer give me the chance to help our students and give back to our department.  I am looking forward to hear any suggestions for GSA or GSA events and excited to have another fun and creative year with all of you.

4.  Secretary: Ruoyuan (Phoebe) Du
MS candidate, Advisor: Dr. Thomas G. Hartman
Room 022, Food Science Building
Email: rd669@scarletmail.rutgers.edu


Hi everyone! My name is Phoebe (Ruoyuan Du) and I’m a first year Master student working in Dr. Hartman’s lab. After taking instrumentation during the first semester, I’m obsessed with those high-tech instruments and impressed by their ability of analyzing chemical compounds existing in food and food packages even with only trace amount. My research focuses on analyzing antioxidants approved by CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) to be used in food packages with LC-MS and GC-MS tech to establish a database for future analyzing reference.
Being a graduate student is not only about building your academic skills but also a complete professional skill set which I could hardly get if I’m only staying in my own comfort zone. GSA has provided quantities of opportunities for students to network within the Department and with people from food industries. In the meantime, engaging in GSA activities will broaden horizons and enrich your life with so much fun. So don’t miss any chance to be involved in GSA and we welcome you with any questions or any help if needed