2016 GSA Officers





1.   President: Robyn Miranda

Hi, everyone! My name is Robyn Miranda and I am a graduate student in Dr. Schaffner’s lab. I am finishing my MS in May 2016 and continuing on for my PhD. My research involved factors that affect bacterial cross-contamination rates and my future research will involve developing a mathematical model for predicting transmission of Norovirus.
Being active within the GSA has allowed me to meet new people and be exposed to new opportunities through participating in many events. As president, I am looking forward to further developing this program through engaging more students in professional networking events, as well as educational and social events. I would like to make the GSA a fun and exciting environment to help us grow together as a department. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about GSA or GSA events.

2.  Vice President: Neeta Yousaf


Hi! I am Neeta Yousaf and I am a second year PhD student. While my undergraduate training was in a tissue culture lab investigating role of antioxidants as neuroprotective compounds, two years of experience in the beverage industry led me to develop a passion for food sensory science. My goal is to become an expert in sensory science (as it applies to foods and other consumer goods) and have a command over design of experiment as well as statistical methods of analysis. I also love teaching and I am a Teaching Assistant for General Biology. But outside of lab and teaching, most of my time is spent being involved in GSA activities- whether it is an educational event at a local high school or a recreational hike, I love spending time with my food science family :) With that said, I am excited to be the Vice President of our GSA this year and hope that we will make it a great year to learn and grow together!

3.  Treasurer: Akul Hiremath


Hello, my name is Akul Hiremath. I am a second year Master of Business and Science (MBS) student. Being originally from India, I earned my Bachelors of Engineering degree in Biotechnology from RVCE, Bangalore. My final year undergraduate project, where we came up with a designer food is what paved me my path to Food Science. I am a trained classical dancer and was part of my home state bowling team which is why I love dancing and bowling. I enjoy taking part in GSA events and have had an amazing time with all the members doing all sorts of fun activities. Being a part of Business and Science program, I realized that the role of treasurer is very apt for me. I love to meet new people and make friends so come talk to me if you see me in the department and feel free to contact me if you have any questisons about GSA and its events.

4.  Secretary: Yuyang (Tina) Tian


Hi everyone! I am Tina (Yuyang Tian) and currently I am a second year MS student. With keen interest in food science and mathematics, I joined Dr. Karwe’s lab and started learning numerical modeling. My research is focused on the cross-contamination behavior of fresh produce using the tool COMSOL multiphysics.
I have been an active member of food science GSA since I joined the graduate program. Being involved in food science family in the past one and half years was of great fun, I enjoy every event GSA held in which it is getting us more connected to each other and has helped everyone take a valuable break from work. I feel great honored to serve as the secretary of Food Science GSA, and I’ll do my best to help all of you. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any suggestions or questions about GSA or GSA events. I am looking forward to another fun and creative year with all of you together. :)