Application Information

Admission to our graduate program is highly competitive. Below are the minimum criteria for admission, although successful applicants typically have qualification far exceeding these criteria.

  • Good academic records from food science, chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, or other related science disciplines (minimum GPA: 3.2/4.0)
  • Three good letters of recommendation from professors or other professionals
  • Minimum GRE scores: 151 verbal and 156 quantitative (equivalent to the prior scale of 460 verbal and 720 quantitative)
  • For international students who native languages are not English, a minimum TOFEL score of 99 (minimum IBT for reading: 26, listening: 25, speaking: 23, writing: 25). The acceptable IELTS score is bandwidth 7.0 (reading: 7.0, listening: 7.0, speaking: 7.0, writing: 6.5).
  • Good personal statement (1 page description of why you want to obtain a graduate degree in Food Science at Rutgers)

Please note that meeting these criteria does not automatically guarantee admission, since there are usually more qualified applicants than spaces available. Admission decisions are based on holistic reviews of the applications, and thus failing one of the above criteria does not lead to automatic rejection.

Applicants are not required to contact individual faculty members prior to application.  That said, it seldom hurts a students chance of admission to make prior contact with potential faculty advisors. A complete list of our graduate faculty can be found here:

Application forms are available on-line at the Graduate Admissions website All materials should be sent directly to the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions for processing.  No part of the application packet should be sent to the Food Science department, this will delay the application process.

Application Deadline Dates
Curriculum:  Food Science   16400                   School Code:  2790

Fall: December 15 for Non-degree, MS and PhD students
Spring: June 15 for Non-degree, MS and PhD students                   

Application deadlines for MBS program: and for BS/MBS
("4+1") Program are May 15th or Oct. 15.