Defense Announcements

As soon as a defense date is known, the student should report that date to the graduate secretary. The student will provide the critical essay, thesis or dissertation title, date, the time, the location, as well as the committee members.  The graduate secretary will relay this information for posting here.

No later than two weeks before the scheduled date, the student must provide a copy of the critical essay, thesis, dissertation or proposal to the committee. The student will also provide the document to the graduate program director and secretary via email. If a document is not provided by the two-week deadline the defense or exam may be rescheduled.

Theses, dissertations and critical essays will be cross checked for plagiarism using  Any questionable sections will be flagged, and reported back to the student and advisor.

Oral Qualifying Exam, Neeta Yousaf, 5/21/2018

Oral Qualifying Exam, Christopher Izzo, 5/17/2018

Ph.D. Defense, Huijuan Zheng, 5/16/2018

Oral Qualifying Exam, Noopur S. Gosavi, 5/3/2018

Oral Qualifying Exam, Li Zhang, 5/1/2018

Oral Qualifying Exam, Yan Wang, 5/1/2018

Master's Defense, Morgan Kandrac, 4/24/2018

Oral Qualifying Exam, Zihao Wei, 4/16/2018

Master's Defense, Yuyang Tian, 4/9/2018

Ph.D. Defense, Jiin Jung, 4/3/2018

Master's Defense, Matthew Igo, 4/2/2018

Oral Qualifying Exam, Karina Lewerissa, 1/10/2018

Ph.D. Defense, Zhenyu Lin, 12/21/2017

Ph.D. Defense, Tzu-Min Wang, 12/19/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Liang Wen, 12/19/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Hongwei Zhang, 12/19/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, KangKang Li, 12/18/2017

Master's Defense, Shuqi Zhao, 12/18/2017

Master's Defense, Miriam Menacherry Thomas, 12/11/2017

Master's Defense, Shruthi Lakshmi Narasimhan, 11/30/2017

Ph.D. Defense, Fatemah AlHasawi, 11/10/2017

Ph.D. Defense, Jue Jin, 10/26/2017

Master's Defense, Jingwen Su, 9/21/2017

Ph.D. Defense, Hye In Jang, 9/22/2017

Ph.D. Defense, Yike Jiang, 9/18/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Minqian Wang, 8/15/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Siyu Wang, 8/14/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Yin Wang, 7/24/2017

Ph. D. Defense, Xuanxuan Lu, 7/24/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Serife Akkurt, 5/10/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Jue Jin, 4/26/2017

Master's Defense, Ziqian Qu, 4/4/2017

Master's Defense, Isha Joshi, 3/28/2017

Master's Defense, Chenyi Xu, 3/27/2017

Master's Defense, Narmina Tyger, 3/22/2017

Ph. D. Defense, Jennifer Todd, 3/14/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Fatemah AlHasawi, 1/13/2017

Oral Qualifying Exam, Jieyu Zhu, 1/12/2017

Ph. D. Defense, Muwen Lu, 1/11/2017

Master's Defense, Nanxi Li, 12/21/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Jiin Jung, 12/20/2016

Ph. D. Defense, Elham Lashkari, 12/19/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Xunan Zhu, 12/13/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Ender H. Arserim, 11/22/2016

Master's Defense, Siyu Liu, 11/14/2016

Master's Defense, Mirelle Capozza, 10/11/2016

Ph. D. Defense, Jie Xiao, 9/12/2016

Master's Defense, Mengqi Guo, 9/12/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Saikiran Chaluvadi, 9/1/16

Ph. D. Defense, Qin Zhao, 8/31/2016

Ph. D. Defense, Yixuan Qiu, 8/29/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Karthikeyan Jagadeesan Sankaran, 6/28/16

Master's Defense, Xiang’an Wang, 5/09/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Huijuan Zheng, 5/4/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Xuanxuan Lu, 5/3/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Zhenyu Lin, 4/27/2016

Ph. D. Defense, Qiuyang Xia, 4/25/2016

Oral Qualifying Exam, Jingjing Guo, 4/26/2016

Ph. D. Defense, Teng Peng, 4/11/2016

Master's Defense, Monika Tomaszewski, 4/07/2016

Master's Defense, Noopur Gosavi, 4/07/2016

Master's Defense, Nancy Chiang, 4/06/2016

Ph. D. Defense, Lavinia Wang, 3/31/12016

Master's Defense, Robyn Miranda, 3/14/2016