Food Science Seminar Policies and Procedures

Date and time slots

Seminar slots are assigned by lottery.  Those who have a grade of Incomplete from the previous semester go first.  Students who must have a specific date due to extenuating circumstances (job assignments, advisor availability, etc.) must put their request in writing, provide justification for special consideration, and give it to the seminar chair, prior to the lottery, for consideration.  If there are any conflicts that are not resolvable, trades may be arranged before the end of the lottery session.  Final schedule will be posted on the department website.

A student, with the approval of his/her advisor, may change dates later in the semester only if they can find another student willing to trade with them.  In this case, both students must receive approval from their advisor and the seminars must be of a similar amount of scheduled time. It is the responsibility of the students involved to notify the seminar chair, in writing, of the change. Since the website schedule will need to be revised and because of time restrictions for circulating seminar announcements, students may not change dates after the due date for submitting the seminar title and Abstracts.


All students registered for seminar must attend every seminar.  There will be attendance sheets placed in the front of the auditorium/conference room.  Be sure to sign in upon arrival.  Late arrivals may be penalized at the discretion of the seminar chair.

Excused absences must be approved by the seminar chair (at his/her discretion) for circumstances that are unplanned or cannot be avoided, such as a last-minute change in work assignments or a bona fide illness. Unexcused absences will result in grade being dropped one full letter for each two seminars missed.

Part-time students whose jobs do not permit regular attendance may attend 14 seminars during two consecutive semesters.  If this option is exercised, the seminar chair must be notified as soon as possible, but no later than the second week of the semester.  Students should register for seminar during their second semester of attendance.

All full-time students and all Food Science faculty are also expected to attend every seminar.

Pre and Post-Seminar Responsibilities

1.        Title and Abstracts (short and long version, see sample A and B respectively) should be submitted by the second week of class by ALL the students registered for this class, even if you will present last. Your seminar title and abstracts should be approved by your advisor and submitted via email to, as an MS Word attachment.  Your seminar title and short abstract will be announced by email to food science graduate students, Cook College people, other interested parties and posted on Graduate Student bulletin boards in the Food Science building. 

2.        The Tuesday before your seminar date.  Your advisor should approve your PowerPoint presentation.  Remind your faculty advisor that they should be prepared to introduce you.

Time allowances for Seminar Presentation

M.S. Plan A & Plan B presentation                      20 min.
Initial Ph.D. presentation                                      25 min.
Final Ph.D. presentation                                      30 min.

Question/Answer period of about 5 min., or as moderated by Seminar Chair

Refreshments and Clean-up Duty

It is the responsibility of the student(s) giving the seminar to cleanup the remaining of the refreshments for the following seminar.  For the first seminar, the student speaker(s) from the last seminar in the semester will be responsible for the cleanup.

Students are not responsible to purchase refreshments. Mrs. Debbie Koch will take care of that.