Options Of study for Food Science Students

The Department of Food Science offers 4 options of study to choose from - Research, General, Management and Sustainability. Based on their interest, students can choose to pursue 1 of the 4 options.

Students are required to complete basic sciences and Food Science courses, along with SEBS Core Curriculum. Please refer to course requirements for each option.

Upon graduation, students from any of the option can choose to apply for jobs in food, beverage and related industries or pursue graduate studies.The 4 options are outlined below:

Option A: Research
This option includes the same foundation courses in the General Food Science option but emphasizes additional basic science and advance level food science courses. These additional courses make graduates of this option attractive to employers, but also prepare students for graduate studies or entrance into professional programs (medical school, dental school).

Suggested course sequence for this option can be found here

Option G: General
This option provides students with core courses in food science and technology and the tools to develop quantitative thinking skills that lay the foundation for working individually and in teams and to grow as a professional. Flexibility exists in this option for students that so desire to explore to greater depth subject areas outside of the food science program. Graduate work in Food Science may also be an option.

Suggested course sequence for this option can be found here

Option M: Food Science & Management Economics
This option is offered in conjunction with Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics program and is designed for students interested in the management aspects of the food industry. While the option requirements of both programs are similar, students registered in food science may take additional courses in physical and food sciences.

Specific course requirements for each option can be found here.

Option S: Sustainability
This option includes the foundation courses, basic science and advance level Food Science courses; courses related to Sustainability have been incorporated within the option.

This option is NOT open to Food Science majors who are pursuing a minor in Sustainability.

Sustainability is one of the focus areas of Institute of Food Technologists, USA. According to IFT, “Within the sustainability focus area, you’ll examine the business case for environmental sustainability in the food industry. Learn about efforts in food production sufficiency throughout the product lifecycle—from sustainable ingredient sourcing, to product development, to waste management. You’ll gain understanding of related processing and production methods and best practices in the marketing of sustainable food products”. Sustainability

Option Requirements & suggested course sequence for this option can be found here.

4+1 Year MBS option

Exceptional Rutgers undergraduate students have the opportunity to enroll in the BS/MBS students to earn both a Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree in a shorter period of time and at a lesser cost.

Students in their junior year who meet the requirements may apply for admission into the MBS degree during the spring semester. This programs are arrangements whereby undergraduates apply early for Master’s degrees and are allowed to take excess credits in their senior year in anticipation of meeting the requirements for the higher degree. The MBS portion can be completed part-time.

For more information, please contact Dr. Paul Takhistov (Paul.Takhistov@rutgers.edu) or visit https://mbs.rutgers.edu/admissions/bsmbs-program