Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences [Dept. of Food Science]

Alumni Society

Committee Mission

The Rutgers Food Science Alumni Society Committee is a volunteer group of alumni who help establish formal and fun opportunities for networking and information exchange between alumni, their families, and the Department in an effort to build a sense of community among alumni and grow department recognition.


Faculty Liaison: Dr. Mukund Karwe
Staff Liaison: Irene weston

Committee Chair: Marc Meyers

Committee Members:

Lou Cooperhouse
Rebecca Dengrove
Julie Elmer
John Erdman
Rama Gadiraju 
Fred Gretch              
Julie Hirsch
Jean Marie Jordan       
Raivo Karmas
Ellen Lauber
Pilar Rodriguez de Massaguer      Jennifer McEntire     
Nancy Nagle             
Carolyn Peucker      
Peggy Poole                   
Robert Ross             
Norman Singer         
John Specchio 
Bret Vastano    

Student Rep.

Yijing Zhou, Jia Xie


If you would like to join the committee please contact Dr. Karwe (Phone: 732-932-9611 ext. 201, Email: