Faculty Photo.
Faculty Description of research interests
Dr. Carman George M. Carman
Board of Governors Professor of Food Science,
Director of the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research
Biology (Biochemistry, membranes, phospholipids, enzymes)
Michael Chikindas
Biology (Microbiology, food safety, bacteriocins)
Dr. Hartman Thomas G. Hartman
Adjunct member
Chemistry (Analytical and Instrumentation)
C.T. Ho C.T. Ho
Distinguished Professor
Chemistry (Nutraceuticals, Flavor and Lipid chemistry)
Dr. Huang Qingrong Huang
Materials (Novel Functional Food, Nano- and Microencapsulation of Active Food Ingredients, Fabrication of Nanoscale Biosensors, Viscoelastic Properties of Biopolymers in Multilength Scales, Nanotechnology)
Dr. Karwe Mukund V. Karwe
Distinguished Professor,
Dean of International Programs
Engineering (Extrusion, High Pressure Processing, Hybrid Baking,
Effect of Processing on Nutraceuticals, Plasma and UV Processing,
Fluid Flow in Human Gut)
Alan H. King Alan H. King
Adjunct member
Chemistry (Carbohydrate Chemistry, Hydrocolloid Technology, Gel Technology, Emulsion Technology)
Dr. Lee Tung-Ching Lee
Distinguished Professor
Chemistry (Food chemistry and biochemistry, food processing, biotechnology, seafood technology, food extrusion)
Dr. Ludescher Richard Ludescher
Chemistry (Physical chemistry, protein biophysics, luminescence spectroscopy)
Karl Matthews Karl Matthews
Department Chair
Biology (Microbiology, food safety)
Thomas J. Montville Thomas J. Montville
Distinguished Professor
Biology (Physiological and metabolic studies on food-related bacteria, bacteriocins, food safety)
Dr. Quadro Loredana Quadro
Biology (Genetics and metabolism of fat-soluble vitamins, nutrient metabolism and effects on human health throughout the lifecycle).
Dr. Roopchand Diana E. Roopchand
Assistant Professor
Biology (Interactions between dietary components, gut microbiota, and intestinal epithelium).
Dr. Schaffner Donald W. Schaffner
Distinguished Professor,
Extension Specialist,
Graduate Program Director
Biology (Mathematical modeling of microbial behavior, quantitative microbial risk assessment)
Karen M. Schaich
Associate Professor
Chemistry (Lipid chemistry, free radical reactions and mechanisms of lipid oxidation, cytotoxicity, antioxidants)
Dr. Takhistov Paul Takhistov
Associate Professor
Engineering (Development of microfluidic devices and biosensors for microorganisms detection, non-thermal (pulse-electric field) pathogens inactivation; nanotechnology in food processing, packaging and control).
Dr. Tepper Beverly Tepper
Biology (Sensory evaluation; taste genetics; taste in disease; food intake; obesity).
Dr. Yam Kit L. Yam
Engineering (Food packaging, controlled/modified packaging, packaging development)
Non-tenure Track Faculty
Gil-soo Gil-Soo Han
Assistant Research Professor
Biology (Molecular biology, phospholipid metabolism, gene regulation).
Chitra Ponnusamy Chitra Ponnusamy
Non-Tenure Teaching Instructor.
Teaching undergraduate Food science courses.

Professors Emeritus: Jozef L. Kokini, Joseph D. Rosen, Henryk Daun