Beverly J. Tepper, Ph. D.


Grants & Contracts

NIH – R01 DC04702 – Taste and Endocrine Factors in Women with Gestational Diabetes (B. Tepper, P.I.), 2002-2006.
NJ Commission on Science and Technology – Foods Fortified With Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Health Benefits in Ulcerative Colitis (G. Ghai, P.I.), 2002-2004.  
McNeil Nutritionals Worldwide, New Brunswick, NJ (B. Tepper, P.I.). Sensory Perception of Sucralose in Soft Drinks: A Multidimensional Approach, 2002-200.3   
Redpoint Bio (formerly Linguagen Corp). Cranbury, NJ (B. Tepper, P.I.) Adenosine 5’ Monophosphate (AMP) as a Bitter Blocker: Human Perception and Genetic Taste Variation, 2003-2005.
National Cancer Institute – R01 CA116766 - PROP Sensitivity and Obesity Among Ethnic Children. Co-PI with T. Baranowski, Baylor College of Medicine, 2005-2009.
Takasago International Corp., Rockleigh, NJ (B. Tepper, P.I.) – Sensory Perception of “Sensate” Flavor Enhancers, 2006-2012.
American Heart Association, Founder Affiliate – Bitter Taste Phenotype, Diet Variety and Obesity in Women (Tepper-PI, Hoffman-Co-I), 2008-2011.
Seminis Seed, Monsanto Corp. Master Agreement with Rutgers NJ Agricultural Experiment Station. Assessing Seminis Market Tomato Genotypes for Flavor Components and Culinary Preference (Rabin – PI, Tepper Co-I), 2008-2009.
USDA, NRI Competitive Grants Program, Nanoscale Science and Engineering for Agriculture and Food Systems.  Nanotechnology: Understanding the Parameters of Consumer Acceptance (Hallman, W. – PI; Tepper – Co-I), 2009-2010.
American Heart Association, Founder Affiliate – Bitter Taste Phenotype as an Adjunct to Behavioral Weight Loss Therapy in Women (Tepper-PI), 2012-2015.     
NSF-11P136954 - NSF Industrial/University Cooperative Research Center Planning Grant: Planning Workshop in the Sensory Sciences (Tepper-PI), 2014-2015.
RB (formerly Reckitt-Benckiser), Montvale, NJ – Mood-enhancing Aromas for Personal Care Products (B. Tepper, PI),  2017-2018.