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Course Requirements

1. All students must complete the SEBS core requirements appropriate for students majoring in Food Science.

See the (128 credits and 120) new Major requirements for graduation.

Integration of Basic Sciences & Math courses with Food Science courses:(128 cr)

Integration of Basic Sciences & Math courses with Food Science courses:(120 cr)

2. SEBS Core Curriculum Requirements for First Year students admitted from Fall 2015 & transfer students from Fall 2016
Core CurriculumCredits
Contemporary Challenges3
Experience- based Education3
Natural Sciences (V2)6-8
Social & Historical Analysis12
Arts & Humanities6
Writing & Communication6
Quantitative & Formal Reasoning (V6)6-8
Information Technology & Research (V7)3
Total Credits45-49

V2: can be satisfied by Biology (01:119:115117) and Chemistry (01:160:161162) courses
V6: can be satisfied by Calculus I & II (01:640: 135 and 136 or 138) or Calculus I &
Statistics courses (01:960:211 or 285)
V7: can be satisfied by Statistics (01:960:401)

3. SEBS General Education Requirements for students admitted prior to 2015
General EducationCredits
Interdisciplinary Critical Analysis (Jr/Sr Colloquium)3
Life Sciences8-10
Physical Sciences3
Humanities and the Arts6
Multicultural and International Studies6
Human Behavior, Economic Systems & Political Processes9
Oral & Written Communication6
Experience based Education3
Total Credits44-47