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Learning Assistants

This innovative new program at Rutgers, engages undergraduates in classroom teaching and learning while helping them develop their teaching, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Learning assistants (LAs) assist in the classroom in several ways, including facilitating discussions and workshops during lectures, team teaching recitation or laboratory sections with a graduate teaching assistant, or independently leading supplemental study groups.

  • During Fall semester between November and January, interested faculty can apply for their courses to have LAs.
  • Faculty application can be completed at Learning Centers website
Students who wish to work as LAs must:
  1. Have completed the course they wish to serve as a LA in, with a grade B+ or A
  2. Attend the interview process between March and May of the subsequent Spring semester. A decision will then be made regarding the recruitment of the student as LA for the same course offered next Fall semester
  3. Co-enroll in a 3-credit pedagogy course their first semester as an LA
  • LAs work with students and help them glide through the course, while coordinating with the faculty instructor
  • LAs engage with students during lab sessions of the course
  • Work as teaching assistants
  • Help faculty instructor in teaching a class
  • Proctor, grade exams and tests
  • Prep for labs with teaching assistants

Go to the Learning Assitance Pogram website for detail information on student role, responsibilities, professional development and compensation.