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Photo: 2014 chapter of the year.

Welcome to the Department of Food Science at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences of Rutgers University. We are a student-oriented program that emphasizes fundamental principles of food biology, food chemistry, and food processing to prepare graduates to be leaders in development of new, wholesome, nutritious, and safe food products. Since our curriculum is grounded in basic science, graduates are able to pursue careers in a wide variety of professional and technical fields.

Our undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree includes options in Food Science Research, General Food Science, and Food Science & Management Economics. A joint Culinology program with Mercer County Community College combines culinary arts with food science.

Our graduate program leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees provides a solid background in food science while allowing for specialization in the areas of food biology, chemistry, or engineering. Our internationally recognized and award-winning faculty and staff make us one of the leaders in the field of food science.

Our mission, as a department with a basic science orientation, is to generate and disseminate knowledge that is applied to solve important problems related to food and health. We are student-centered and committed to excellence in education, research, and service.

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