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Department of Food Science


Carman Lab Mission Statement

The Carman laboratory is committed to the research education of undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral associates and to advance science. We believe in honesty, integrity, and individuality, and we do not discriminate against gender or nationality. We believe in open communication, we respect our colleagues' opinions, and we appreciate our differences. We help each other to progress in our studies and research, and we share in this success.

We believe that independent and innovative thought, the formulation of sound hypotheses, the rigorous testing of these hypotheses, and the assimilation of current methodologies are essential components of good science. We willingly question the validity of our theories and practices, and we strive to incorporate rigorous controls in our experiments. We believe that the input of others is critical, and we both seek the advice of our colleagues and offer our own insights. We also recognize the value of different approaches to research, and we are open to alternative ideas and techniques. We cooperate with our colleagues through the sharing of ideas and information. We help with the assimilation of new technology and in the preparation of oral presentations, theses, and manuscripts.

We believe that we have an obligation to perform our experiments in a safe and responsible manner. Accordingly, we evaluate techniques and reagents for their efficacy as research tools and for their environmental safety. We are careful with our radioisotope work, we are diligent with the storage and disposal of toxic reagents, we conserve laboratory supplies, we share in the cleaning and maintenance of the lab and of its equipment, and we recycle whenever possible.

In summary, we respect and value the individual; we strive for a rewarding experience that is educational and fun. In doing so, we develop relationships with our colleagues that last a lifetime, we encourage cooperativity and synergy, and we, inevitably, grow.

Lab Mottos

Landscape-Carman Lab Mottos

Art work by Prabuddha Dey