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Chitra Ponnusamy, Ph. D.

Chitra Ponnusamy, Ph. D.

Undergraduate Program Director
65 Dudley RD, Room 203
(848) 932-5452
(732) 932-6776


Dr. Ponnusamy serves as a Assistant Teaching Professor, Undergraduate Program Director of Food Science, an academic adviser to Food Science majors and first-year adviser to SEBS/intended Food Science majors. She received her B.Sc. degree from Queen Mary’s College, University of Chennai, India and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Food Science and Nutrition from the SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, India.
Dr. Ponnusamy teaches teach 3 large, the open enrollment, core-certified courses:

  • Science of Food 11:400:103
  • Food as Medicine 11:400:106
  • Foods: from Field to Table 11:400:107

As well as the elective course:

  • Food Safety: Fads, Facts and Politics 11:400:422

Dr. Ponnusamy is also responsible for:

  1. Creation of a structure, contract form and course(s) website in Learning Management System to enable maintenance and retrieval of student submission(s) data every semester for Experience-based Education Courses- Research- based Learning 11:400:493 and Internship-based Learning 11:400:494;
  2. Establishment of a course to receive graduating students’ feedback on their learning experiences in Food Science and as a valuable tool for program assessment via Food Science Senior Exit Survey 11:400:450.

    Dr. Ponnusamy volunteers to teach Academic Mentoring (11:015:112), Portals for Academic Success (11:015:113) and participates in EOF Summer Institute Workshops for SEBS.