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Mukund V. Karwe, Ph. D.

Mukund V. Karwe, Ph. D.

Distinguished Professor
63 Dudley RD
(848) 932-5513, (848) 932-5083
(732) 932-6776

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MVK Research


Current Research Projects
  • An Integrated Approach for Improving Growth and Quality of Sweet Basil Using Cold Plasma Activated Water and Mist funded by USDA NIFA.
  • Pressure induced transformations of food proteins for the creation of new textures and improved food quality (USDA-NIFA)
  • An Integrated Approach to Eliminate Cross-Contamination during Washing, Conveying and Handling of Fresh Produce (USDA-NIFA)
  • Mathematical Modeling of High Hydrostatic Pressure Food Processing: Temperature and Pressure Non-uniformities Supported by USDA and NJAES
  • Modeling Flow of Food in Human GI Tract Supported by the NJ Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Enhanced Infusion of Nutraceuticals under High Pressure Supported by US Army and NJAES
  • Atmospheric pressure cold-plasma processing
Past Research Projects
  • Fatty Acid Profiles of Ghee made using Different Methods
  • Taste Response Study of Amaranth-Quinoa Snacks by Indian Population
  • Extruates of Quinoa + Cassava fortified with Cranberry Concentrate
  • Anti-oxidant capacity of Luo Han Guo drink
  • Effect of Temperature Abuse on the Quality and Safety of Frozen Menus
    Supported by US Army
  • Stability of Antixodiants in Cranberries, Muscadine Grapes, Kokum (Garcinia indica), Cocoa Pulp, during Processing and Storage
    Supported by Food Industry
  • High Pressure Processing and Microbial Safety of Peanut Butter
    Supported by Food Industry
  • Effect of High Pressure on E.Coli in Ground Beef
  • Extrusion of Rice and Pigeon Pea Flour
  • Effect of High Pressure Treatment on Safety and Sensory Aspects of Hard Sea Clams
    Supported by USDA NIFSI
  • Extending Shelf Life of Wet-Pack Fruits in MRE Pouches
    Supported by US Army
  • Stability, Formation, and Enhancement of Nutraceuticals during Processing of Quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranth, Pigeon Peas, Pinhao seeds
    Supported by NJ State and food industry
  • Transport Phenomena in a Jet Impingement Oven
    Supported by USDA and food industry
  • Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Extruders
    Supported by USDA and food industr

Visiting Faculty & Scientists

(1)Professor Kuan Cheng, National Taiwan University (Summer 2016)
(2)Professor Gulcin Sagdicoglu Celep, Gazi University, Turkey (Fall 2015)
(3)Dr. Klara Gul, Akhmet Yassawi University, Kazakhstan (2015-16)
(4)Dr. Mira Jun, Visiting Scientist, S. Korea (2013-15)
(5)Professor Rafael Borneo, Cordoba, Argentina (2013, 2016)
(6)Professor Souleman Coulibaly, Fulbright Fellow from Ivory Coast (2012-13)
(7)Professor Ligia Merczak, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (2009-10
(8)Professor Francesco Donsi, University of Salerno, Italy (2008)
(9)Professor Uday Annapure, ICT, Mumbai, India (2007)
(10)Professor Shashank Mhaske, ICT, Mumbai, India (2007)

Post-doctoral Fellows & Research Associates:

(1)Dr. Juzhong Tan (2018-)
(2)Dr. Deepti Salvi (2013-17)Professor at North Carolina State University
(3)Dr. Kiran Desai (2011-12)Working in Food Industry
(4)Dr. Rafael Borneo (2003-04)Professor in Argentina
(5)Dr. Ilkay Sensoy (2002-04)Professor in Turkey
(6)Dr. Hülya Doğan (2000)Professor at Kansas State University
(7) Dr. Murali Chandrasekaran (1995-97)Working in Information Technology

Doctoral (Ph.D.) students, past and current:

1.Noopur Gosavi, Food Science (2020, expected)
2.Ender Arserim, Food Science (2020, expected)
3.Karthikeyan Jagadeesan Sankaran, Food Science (2019)Working in Food Industry
4.Gao Ge, Food Science (2017), from China Agricultural UniversityProfessor in China
5.Jose Antonio Maldonado, Food Science (2015) Working in Food Industry
6.Swetha Mahadevan, Food Science (2014) Working in Food Industry
7.Meenakshi Khurana, Food Science (2012) Working in Food Industry
8.Nitin Nitin, Food Science (2009)Professor at UC Davis
9.Dilek Koçer, Food Science (2005)Working in Food Industry
10.Indrani Deo, Mechanical Engineering (2001) Working in Food Industry
11.Serafim Bakalis, Food Science (1999)Professor at Univ. of Nottingham, UK.

Masters (Plan A, Research) students, past and current:

1.Manasi Date, Food Science (2020, expected)
2.Sawali Navare, Food Science (2019)
3.Yueming Pang, Food Science (2019)
4.Shruthi Laxmi Narsimhan, Food Science (2018)
5.Yuyang (Tina) Tian, Food Science (2018)
6.Isha Joshi, Food Science (2017)
7.Vahini Manivannan, Food Science (2016)
8.Noopur Gosavi, Food Science (2016)
9.Lin Ji, Food Science (2016)
10.Siddharth Bhide, Food Science (2015)
11.Soundharya Chandran, Food Science (2014)
12.Neha Bhide, Food Science (2014)
13.Karthikeyan Jagadeesan Sankaran (2013)
14.Yijing Zhou, Food Science (2013)
15.Siddhi Thakkar, Food Science (2012)
16.Tanya D’Souza, Food Science (2012)
17.Rajay Teraiya, Food Science (2012)
18.Li Zhang, Food Science (2011)
19.Nidhi Singla, Food Science (2011
20.Anand Atre, Food Science (2011)
21.Vidya Endraiyani, Food Science (2011<)/td>
22.Gabriel Mootian, Food Science (2010)
23.Jose Antonio Maldonado, Food Science (2010)
24.Gabriella Chiappe, Food Science (2008)
25.Meenakshi Khurana, Food Science (2008)
26.Shalaka Narwankar (2008)
27.Rohan Tikekar, Food Science (2006) now Professor at University of Maryland
28.Kevin Brady, Food Science (2004)
29.Rama Padmini Gadiraju, Food Science (2003)
30.Nitin Nitin, Food Science (2001)
31.Lalithya Yerramilli, Food Science (2001)
32.Heather E. Marcroft, Food Science (1998)
33.Serafim Bakalis, Food Science (1996)
34.Shankar Godavarti, Food Science (1996)

M.S. (Plan B, Paper) students, past and current:

1.Thomas Kiessling, Food Science (1998)

Foreign Student Interns Hosted and Supervised:

  1. Krithi Vaidyanathan Rajan, undergraduate student from SASTRA University, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India (2019)
  2. R. Sai Kaushik Shankar, undergraduate student from SASTRA University, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India (2018)
  3. Shardul Dabir, undergraduate student from National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM), India (2016)
  4. Dayane Soares, via Institute of International Education, Brazil Scientific Mobility Program in Academic Training (2015), undergraduate student from Aracaju, Brazil.
  5. Cibele Freitas De Oliviera, graduate student from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (2014)
  6. Anne-Lyse Laope, undergraduate student from Reunion Island, France (2014)
  7. Cedric Nicole, undergraduate student from Reunion Island, France (2014)
  8. Andrea De Stefano, graduate student from University of Bologna, Italy (2006)

Thesis/Dissertation Committee Member for

25+ M.S. Thesis (2 in Mechanical Engineering)
20+ Ph.D. Dissertations (4 in Mechanical Engineering)
External examiner of Ph.D. dissertations for
  1. University College, Dublin, Ireland
  2. University of New South Wales, Australia<
  3. University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  4. McGill University, Canada
  5. Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
  6. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
  7. Anna University, Chennai, India
External examiner for
  1. The University of West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.

Supervised following students from Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science and Engineering:

Project SUPER (Stepping Up in the Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Research)
(1) Kosomalasmy Tea (2001)
(2) Aalia Chaudhry (1997)
(3) Eun Hae Engebretsen (1996)
(4) Chiniqua Gallop (1995)

Supervised the research of the following undergraduate students, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS), Rutgers University:

(1) Mia Powell (2017)
(2) Jose Nicholas (2016)
(3) Jay Sanghani (2015)
(4) Jessica Louie (2011, 2012)
(5) Harsh Chandarana (2011, 2012, 2013)
(6) Jason Wu (2001)

Supervised following summer interns who worked in my laboratory:

(1) Sughra Naqvi, Cornell University (2002, 2005)

Undergraduate students supervised under Cook College Cooperative Education Program:

1. Richard Mamaril, worked in Firmenich, NJ (2000)
2. Art Pierkowski, B T & C Research and Consulting, NJ (2000)
3. David Warmington, Firmenich (2000)
4. Karen Shieh, International Flavors and Fragrances (2000)
5. Varsha Savalia, Bioresource Engineering, McNeil Specialty Products (1999)
6. Joyce Vacca, Food Science (1999)
7. Michael Russo, Food Science, McNeil Specialty Products (1999, 2000)
8. Matthew Zawoysky, Food Science, General Spice, Inc. (1999)
9. Joseph Baaklini, Food Science (1998)
10.Jennifer Matthews, Food Science, Flavor International (1997, 1998)
11.Lauren Rush, Food Science, M & M Mars (1996)
12.Irene Robles, Bioresource Engineering (1995)
13.Shizuko Itsukaichi, Food Science, FMC (1993)

High school student interns in my laboratory:

1.Shivang Pant (2017, West Windsor, NJ)
2. Alekhya Madiraju (2017, South Brunswick, NJ)
3. Siddharth Godavarti (2016, Minneapolis, MN)
4. Atharva Padhye (2016, North Brunswick, NJ)
5. Maanya Sharma (2016, North Brunswick, NJ)
6. Harish Appiakannan (2015, South Brunswick, NJ)
7. Anjali Patel (2015, Watchung, NJ)
8. Sonia Amarnani (2015, North Brunswick, NJ)
9. Priya Dhond (2014, West Windsor, NJ)
10. Eshani Goradia (2014, South Brunswick, NJ)
11. Stuti Tandon (2014, North Brunswick, NJ)
12. Isha Choudhary (2014, Manalapan, NJ)
13. Nisha Sanghani (2013, South Brunswick, NJ)
14. Sanjana Apte (2011, Bridgewater, NJ)
15. Yuvraj Singh (2011, Wilton, CT)
16. Nikkia Scott (2005, New Brunswick) Project SEED
17. Michelle Chelnik (2002 and 2003, Woodbridge High School, NJ)
18. Lydia Horvath (2002 and 2003, Woodbridge High School, NJ)
19. Colena Samuels, Plainfield High School (2000 and 2001), Project SEED