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Diana E. Roopchand, Ph.D.

Diana E. Roopchand, Ph. D.

Associate Professor
61 Dudley Road, Suite 220
(848) 932-0248
(732) 932-6776


Undergraduate Courses:
  • Food Microbiology (11:400:423) (3 credits): This course is required for all Undergraduate Food Science Majors. It covers essential concepts in microbiology and immunology followed by the role of microorganisms in foodborne illness and intoxication, food spoilage, general food quality, food processing and preservation and finally, beneficial microbes in foods and soil. The course covers:
  • Key principles of microbiology, immunology, and the importance of the gut microbiota
  • Factors that determine microbial growth, survival, and death in foods; methods for microbial detection and enumeration
  • Microbes responsible for foodborne illness/intoxication, their biochemical characteristics, pathogenesis, characteristic illnesses, and commonly associated foods
  • Physical, chemical, engineering, and regulatory approaches to controlling undesirable microorganisms in foods
  • Beneficial microbes used for production of fermented foods and importance of microbes in soil ecosystems
Graduate Courses
  • Food Biology Fundamentals (16:400:514) (3 credits): This course is one of three required courses for students enrolled in the Food Science Graduate Program. This is a team-taught course that covers principles and practices involved in biological aspects of food quality, safety, preservation, and nutrition. My lectures cover: 1) current research on dietary polyphenols, fiber, and microorganisms associated with gut microbial and human health and 2) the importance of the soil microbiome to ecosystem health.