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Diana E. Roopchand, Ph.D.

Diana E. Roopchand, Ph. D.

Associate Professor
61 Dudley Road, Suite 220
(848) 932-0248
(732) 932-6776

Completed Grants Awards

R01 AT010242     NIH/NCCIH

Title: Proanthocyanidin metabolites produced by commensal gut microbes may promote metabolic resilience Goal: To identify human and murine gut microbes responsible for generating proanthocyanidin metabolites and elucidate mechanisms of action relevant to metabolic resilience. Role: PI

Rutgers, NJ INFH seed grant

Title: Interactions of dietary fatty acids, sex steroids, and gut microbiota may predict chronic disease in menopausal females - a pilot project for development of a Center for Sex Differences Across the Lifespan Goal: To define how different dietary fatty acids modulate the gut microbiota leading to alterations in estrogen metabolism and functions that impact metabolic and cognitive health in post-menopausal female mice. Role: Co-PIs (Campbell, Roepke, Roopchand)